At the moment, volunteers/interns are welcome for a minimum of two months for Indians, four months for foreigners due to volunteer visa restrictions (check here and here), with preference given to those with psychology, arts, art therapy or related education and experience. Based on our experience in the last 7 years, it is unethical to do art therapy in a foreign country without proper training. We receive many requests which we understand come from individuals' strong interest in the field and curiosity to implement ideas in a self-taught manner, but please know we cannot support this fundamental risk to our clients and community. You are welcome to observe ongoing group sessions and help us to maintain our ongoing community art outreach programs. We look for humility and adaptability in those coming to work with us! Please send us your potential dates, CV or resume, and this questionnaire filled out to sankalpa dot art at gmail dot com.

Auroville is a 50-year old experimental community located in the southeastern state of Tamil Nadu in India. The common aim is human unity, with individuals from around the world living and working together intentionally. Auroville is the current base for Sankalpa. More information on Auroville's website.

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