What is Art Therapy?

A question I am asked often, and struggle to answer briefly.

Personally, I have found that art therapy is an alternative language, facilitating access to the unconscious in ways most of us may not be able to verbalize. It is a powerful field that I feel fortunate to have found, and it is quickly gaining recognition and acceptance though it has existed for over 50 years. Art therapists work with individuals and groups, in a variety of settings including in hospitals, schools, treatment centers, businesses, and private practices. My personal interests and goals within art therapy are quickly branching into international work.

Below is a link to a video which was presented at the 2007 American Art Therapy Association conference, which I attended in Albuquerque, New Mexico in November. The video captures this powerful work in an accessible and inspiring way, hope you enjoy it!


One of many links with more information (AATA website): http://www.arttherapy.org/about.html