Two months after entering Nepal, it is overwhelming to attempt capturing my surreal experiences here. Unexpectedly, I completely fell in love with the culture, the people, the spirituality, and the landscape in this profoundly magical place.

I first came here to travel briefly with a friend from New York, which was challenging but exhilarating. Seeing my reflection in a travel partner forced me to evolve and adapt quickly.

Through a willingness to adventure freely in a foreign yet familiar land, I found myself in several remote mountain villages where electricity and telephones are a luxury. Learning directly about a simple and humble way of life has completely changed my own interaction with the world.

Local hospitality, openness, and a face which happens to resemble those of the indigenous people, have made this journey unique and unforgettable. Below is the motorbike which miraculously delivered me to many places in Nepal (I was not the driver!)