The 7 Evolutionary Benefits of Nomadic Travel and/or Burning Man
(corresponding to the 7 universal chakra centers)

1. Muladhara: Recognizing the earth and the cyclical miracles of nature. Finding presence and stability regardless of location in the grand scheme of existence.

2. Swadhisthana: Peace of mind, calm control of thought. Loosening attachments while deepening genuine connections.

3. Manipura: Adaptability of the body and surroundings, place in the universe. Heightened awareness of how little one needs, and how much waste one creates (physical and mental realms).

4. Anahata: Love and self-love. On each level, all directions, in everyday camouflage. Liberation.

5. Visuddha: Communication and expression. Silences and spaces to explore the synthesis of symbols and creative language.

6. Ajna: Visualization-actualization. Manifesting and manipulating reality, while accepting and resolving karma. Purging patterns.

7. Sahasrara: Blissful ascension into alternate realities, gratitude in a balanced, endlessly neutral state.