BINDU: Unity through Art

The bindu is the sacred center and beginning mark of creation, the point around which the microcosmic mandala representing the universe is drawn. In metaphor, this circle traces and holds a story of two people meeting through their unique yet universal expression. Let this art journey be an opportunity to experience the joy of art-making, and the gift of connecting and collaborating with another individual!

To join us and participate in the Bindu mandala exchange, please follow these simple directions:

1) Draw a circle with a diameter of about 10" (25.5 cm) if possible. A compass or plate can be used to make the circle. You can work larger or smaller, but try to use a heavier stock of blank paper. This provides a supportive foundation for whatever expression follows.

2) Fold and cut the mandala in half, and choose one individual to dive into this shared creative experience with you. We are interested in seeing how art bridges realities, so try and choose someone different than you and try to meet them through your imagery. Optional: include a dot in the center which is visible on both sides, to help facilitate a bridging point.

3) You can work together or separately, and with any media you prefer. You can include imagery, patterns, colors and words; drawn with pencils, markers, painted, with collage, etc.. Remember there is no right or wrong! If you work together, you can choose to look at each other's images and take inspiration from motifs, colors and details to help them become part of a whole.

4) Marvel in your creation, join the pieces and take a moment to share with each other, even if you did not create together. You can reflect about anything related to the creative process, personal symbolism, insights, surprises and/or the final result, all in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

Bindu #1: Krupa Jhaveri (left) & Kate Friedman (right)
5) Take a well-lit (preferably high-resolution) picture of your combined mandala and please share it with us either here on our Facebook page or mailed to 

Please include your names, ages, locations, and a title or any description of the art/experience. We will create a virtual gallery of the images you send to us!

Thank you for taking the time to bring your original expression forward, both for yourself, your co-creator and for all those who will soon be able to enjoy what you have shared. Wishing you a happy art journey!