TEDx 4: Integration

As I begin to integrate the experience of giving a TEDx talk, I find acceptance, compassion, gratitude and a sense of accomplishment.

We all have a self-critical voice, sometimes habitually amplified in times of stress. The reality of a live audience, 24 remarkable women sharing the stage of the TEDx Wilmington Women event, open and curious eyes tuning in from around the world on live-stream, as well as the legacy of a recorded video was quite overwhelming!

After finishing the talk, I decided to try not to focus on what was missed, what could have been different, comparison to the speakers with speech coaches and training, and all that could diminish the value of this accomplishment. I remembered how unique I am for having traveled back to the US while preparing for this talk, using my hands throughout, including writing the script over and over by hand to help me memorize it. I know I embodied creativity throughout the unusual path to the stage.

I found acceptance in having shared exactly what needed to be shared, trusting my own expression and this incredible opportunity to be heard, and compassion for myself for having made it through the journey!

Inspired by feedback, positive response and curiosity, I foresee many future chances to share much more. I continue to be validated in knowing the last-minute changes to deliver a wider, simpler message (at least for this first talk) was most appropriate and useful.

Bonding with the other speakers and connecting to so many through this new network is another gift of the process. I am particularly grateful to the organizer Ajit Matthew George for including me in this event, for an inspiring TEDx Wilmington tribe effort, and to each new connection and message of support sent my way. The video will be online in a few weeks, I will share it then!