The capital of India, I can confidently say, is not a place I plan to live. Fortunately, I stayed with the extended family of a close friend (you know who you are, THANK YOU!), but I found the city bleak and uninviting. However, I did visit a local school, Balwant Rai in Greater Kailash II, and spoke briefly with a social worker there. There is a possibility I will return and introduce art therapy in some of the classes once the school resumes from their summer break.

While visiting a few temples, darshan (auspicious ceremony) took place just as I arrived at each one. Akshardham (supposedly the largest Hindu temple complex in the world), the ISKCON temple, and a smaller local Kali mandhir were amongst those I visited. Photos of both Rishikesh and Delhi are now uploaded on my Flickr page.