Life, middle, flow, evolution, adaptation, water, Vishnu (pervading presence sustaining and maintaining the universe) and Lakshmi (goddess of wealth).

Scraps of the passage of messages over years, in notes, cards, letters and the stamps tracing their travels around the world. Language blurring between English and Gujarati, gossip, secrets, information and even a little floorplan of one of our many homes we continuously defined and erased, then drew again in a new place. This is a collection of sacred handwritten artifacts from times before the plague of technological distractions.

I journeyed through time and space with my mother, and redefined spirituality for myself during an epic pilgrimage through the beaches and temples of south India (after my grandmother passed away). Here I am handed the paintbrush of an everyday goddess named Parvati, to try my hand at traditional kolam on the floor of the ancient Meenakshi temple in Madurai!


My parents were both born in the northwestern state in India called Gujarat. Once married, they moved to the US (about 30 years ago), bringing only two suitcases each with them. I was born in Colorado but moved over 20 times, mostly within the US. Interestingly, at about the same age that they moved to the US, I am now moving to India, with only two bags of my worldly possessions.

Gujarati and English were both spoken in our family home, so I am fortunate to understand at least this language. I am learning Hindi, which is more widely spoken throughout India. It is interesting that Gujarati, Hindi, Nepali (and even Russian,
I recently discovered) all have similar roots in Sanskrit, an ancient source I also hope to study at some point.

It is confusing and exhilarating to be here, and I especially enjoy selectively blending in with the local people instead of just being a tourist. I find myself having long conversations with foreigners as I transition into life here, and gradually making more local connections everywhere I go.

(The photo is of myself, dressed up as Krishna when I was younger. My brother threw a tantrum, and somehow I found myself in the unlikely position of being adorned as a male god figure).