A general note on a persistent and universal issue which I have witnessed in both India and Nepal. It is understandable that competition amongst the masses is a ruthless Darwinian display of greed for survival. Income is generated at every possible expense, and it is an unfortunate truth which is locally accepted but often is otherwise unknown. A majority of NGOs, social service organizations, schools, and other institutions are fundamentally corrupt. I hope not to offend too many, and rather open a few generous eyes.

In the average NGO (non-government organization), there is often one main individual who began the effort, one can only hope with good intentions. I surmise that these intentions can become blurry when faced with those so accustomed to recieving less, and hefty donations to handle. The majority might consist of a scenario such as the following. Picture a wealthy individual with glorified name, driving a Mercedes-Benz, while a few dozen stage orphans (their living parents are too poor to pay for their education) greet visitors in smiles and ragged scraps covered in bodily fluids and dirt, quite obviously neglected in even basic healthcare. There is something quite revealing in the eyes of these children which led me to investigate these situations more deeply. Most difficult to witness is the routine performances for guests (often labeled "cultural shows") which more formally guilt foreigners into donating money. The income is of course pocketed by that main invidividual, and only reaching the "destitute/poor/underprivileged" by miracle or mistake. In essence, these efforts often are a martyr-like facade for a business like any other.

This one person, if genuinely dedicated to the betterment of others, as priority above their own financial benefit, will eventually burn out from the full sacrifice of their life, blood, sweat, and tears. The effort is therefore sustained only by their own determination to continue, though they are often remain just shy of the resources needed to make a significant difference. Please note that these efforts mostly cannot afford a website (let alone a computer). I will focus on openly detailing information about these efforts and I hope to possibly create or join an existing network to further support them.

My goal is not to directly expose each corrupt organization, as this would take a lifetime, and my energy is better directed elsewhere. I simply hope to heighten awareness, and aid those with finances to share in thinking twice before doing so, and deciding in person if possible. Do not be shy to ask questions about money, and please follow your instinct before opening your wallet.