Thesis Images

Image 1: A collage of images of the women in Uganda
(through the Bead for Life organization, more info available at

Image 2: A closeup of the beads made by women in Uganda living with HIV/AIDS,
using strips of recycled magazine paper.

Image 3: Closeup of paper beads made by women living with HIV/AIDS in NY
(art therapy clients).

Image 4: Full image of giant paper bead (about 48” x 24”), an ongoing collaborative piece created in art therapy group sessions. Instead of rolling this bead like the smaller ones, the clients decided to leave it open to display their choice of words and images corresponding to the three sectioned themes of past (purple), present (green), and future (red).

Image 5: Closeup of border on giant paper bead, where clients have begun to hang the smaller paper beads, alternating beads made by the women in Uganda with those created by the women here in NY.