Scholarship & Press Coverage

I have some very exciting updates for anyone who has been following my work.

I was recently awarded a SVA Alumni Society Scholarship for $2,000 towards materials for this project! Of course it is any art therapist’s dream to receive this type of funding to see such ideas move closer to reaching their true potential. I also learned that this is the first award of its kind to be given to a student in the Art Therapy department.

As the member of a field gradually emerging into public interest (including a recent article in
TIME OUT magazine), I am also excited to share that there may be some press coverage of my thesis work. This news is again a great honor, and I will have more information posted here as it becomes available.

Through this recognition, I have realized that I am experiencing what I hope to create for my clients. Others are interested and take the time to hear my story, how I got to this place in life, and genuinely appreciate who I am. If this work has been or will be successful in any form, it will be when the women I work with feel the same way.

As an update on the groups, the women have continued to create beads and individual collages to send to the women in Uganda who inspired the project. With the recent funding, they will be able to make jewelry with the beads and be empowered by developing their own ideas for the future of our work together.